Adapt2Digital Leadership Team

Adapt2Digital Leadership Team

Who we are

We are a group of business specialists who have come from digital, marketing, customer service, technology and media.  

Adapt2Digital was founded by Mel Ross and Stacey Perry having spent years trying to drive business change and customer advocacy through creating and implementing digital strategies.

We are a passionate and highly skilled team that can help your business become adaptive to the digital world we live in.

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 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

What we believe

We believe digital in all it's guises always comes back to the point at which people and technology collide.

Our purpose is to move the world of business into a new paradigm, to lead the charge on adaptive business and have this adopted by businesses globally

  • Our aim is to ensure when people and technology collide it is with the greatest amount of relevance to affect an action.
  • Our mission is to help businesses create adaptive leaders and provide them with the tools to monitor, track, visualise and adapt to constant change.
  • Our vision is to help as many businesses as possible prepare for a time when 100% connectedness becomes a reality.

Our promise to you - we promise to deliver quick wins and tangible ROI. That is our money back guarantee to you and your business.

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Our values

We believe in honesty, integrity and in each other. We live by our values, they govern our entire business and are reflected in our team members, clients and partners:

  • Brimming with optimism
  • Pioneering into new territories
  • We are always a family
  • If we follow our values, we will always be valuable
  • Let's light fires

We are all on this journey together.