Creating a Digital Business becomes easier using our Digitally Adaptive Methodology & Approach™.

Adapt2Digital 3 Phased Approach

Adapt2Digital 3 Phased Approach

The Adaptive Methodology & Approach™

The Digital Framework and Adaptive Methodology & Approach follow three phases that combine to deliver adaptive competency and digital capability across four areas:

  • The Business
  • People
  • Culture
  • Communication

Our Methodology & Approach Explained

At Adapt2Digital we believe in the following:

  • We have a duty to share our knowledge with you
  • You have a responsibility to own and control your own digital transformation
  • Speed is an imperative

Based on these three points everything that we do falls into two categories:

  1. Training, Facilitation & Mentoring
  2. Online products & Software as a Service Platform

Training, Facilitation & Mentoring

In order to ensure you have the right people on board, you have the right understanding and awareness where needed and that you have the capability and competency required in those who are responsible for leading and driving your transformation we have developed a group of training modules, facilitation workshops and mentoring programmes that take you anywhere from defining digital through to building the courage to drive change.  Our trainers, facilitators and mentors are a dedicated team here to help you on your journey.  

Online Products &Digital Transformation Platform

Our online products are essentially assessment tools that can be used across the business as well as across all your audiences: Workforce, Customer, Supplier even Partners.  This data can then be aggregated to provide a compelling and powerful picture of your current state of digital maturity and adaptiveness against different areas or different groups.

Digital Maturity Level Platform View. 2015 Copyright

Digital Maturity Level Platform View. 2015 Copyright

Once you know where you are, you are ready to kick off your Digital Transformation journey. But where most companies fail is at this point.  As soon as possible you want to engage and include your workforce in your journey, if you don't you'll likely end up with a series of projects that never get out of the project team environment.  Innovation, adoption, success come from having a holistic approach.  That's where our SaaS Digital Transformation platform comes into play.  A single view of all your Digital Transformation activities

Digital Workshops

Used with kind permission

Used with kind permission

  1. Senior Leadership Workshops - These are typically 2-3 hour workshops that centre around digital as a definition, digital vision and digital's importance to your business framework. 
  2. Personal Branding Workshops - Working with small teams, we address the importance of a professional digital footprint and how to create, manage and optimise this in the most meaningful way.
  3. Digital Business Transformation: Team Workshops - This workshop focuses on what Digital Business Transformation success looks like and is generally a pre-cursor to more in-depth training.

Digital Disruption Management


A quarterly executive roundup of digital movers, shakers and disruptors, relevant to your business and sector.

Can be delivered virtually or physically as required.