Digital Age Leadership - Certification


Digital Age Leadership - Certification


Take your first step towards becoming a digital age leadership practitioner by enroling onto our certification programme.

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Over the last few years we have worked with leaders, from C-Suite, new and emerging leaders to programme and project directors leading change and transformation. During this time we have built up a view of what a Digital Age Leader looks like in terms of mindset and profile. Now it’s time to share this with others. Your opportunity to use both the framework model and the profiling tool and associated approaches is here.


Once you have gone through Check Out, you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain a link for you to complete your own profile.

Once you have completed your own profile assessment you will be directed to next steps that include: access to the platform associated with the cohort group you have chosen, your own individual mentor coaching session to work through your results, access to the Habit Cycle process.


During your certification programme you will receive:

  • Deep dive into the Dilyn Model and associated products and services available to you post certification

  • Overview and outline of the aligned methodologies associated with Digital Transformation

  • Receive your own level of Digital Mindset scored against the Adapt2Digital Framework followed by your own confidential mentor coaching session

  • Receive insights and recommendations for your own personal development using the Habit Cycle Canvas.

  • Ability to access, deploy and progress individuals and groups through the digital age leadership profiling tool and transition into the Habit Cycle.


  • Subject to successfully progressing through role model sessions and an online test, you will become a certified digital age leader and coach.

  • You will be competent in both sharing and demonstrating digital age leadership attributes in your own mindset and behaviours