Digital Leadership Mindset Survey - 360

Digital Mindset Survey
Digital Mindset Survey

Digital Leadership Mindset Survey - 360


Find out what your personal Digital Leadership Mindset Profile is. Fill out our 15 - 20 minute survey, nominate 3 people who you work closely with to fill out a second survey on your behalf and receive your own personalised profile and development recommendations based on your results. The analysis will be delivered by one of our Digital Leadership Coaches and Transformation Consultants in the form of a 45 minute online digital leadership coaching session.

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Modern Leadership is about mindset more than skill. Modern Leadership is an imperative for Digital Transformation to succeed. Having the right profile as a Modern Leader produces amazing results and can be the single biggest factor between success and failure when it comes to digitisation, transformation and change.


Over the last few years we have worked with leaders, from established C-Suite, new and emerging leaders to programme and project directors leading change and transformation. During this time we have slowly built up a view of what a Modern Leader look like in terms of profile. Our Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis Tool is the culmination of years of research, training and coaching leaders through change and modernisation.


A link will be automatically sent to you. From this link you will access the survey type you have purchased (individual, 360). Once you have submitted your survey, which take approximately 20 minutes to complete, your results will be forwarded to one of our digital leadership coaches and transformation consultants. Within a couple of days you will then receive your own personalised Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis session with an executive coach.

In addition to your personal response you will be able to nominate three people you work closely with to gain a wider view of your external Digital Leadership Mindset.


During your session you will receive:

  • Insight into the challenges of Modern Leadership
  • Gain an understanding of the Principles of Modern Leadership
  • Receive your own level of Digital Mindset scored against the Adapt2Digital Framework
  • Receive insights and recommendations for your own personal development and effectiveness as a Modern Leader
  • Access recommended further insights and reading to help you develop your own Modern Leadership