Once you have started your Digital Transformation journey two areas become key factors to ongoing success:

  1. Workforce Engagement

  2. Ongoing Monitoring and Measurement

Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement

You might well be familiar with the saying "70 percent of transformation projects are likely to fail".  More recently it has been quoted that up to 2/3rds of Digital Transformation Projects are also doomed.

Over the years we have worked with customers who have felt that their transformation efforts have waned or halted at some point.  What we've realised is a large proportion of these customers didn't manage to move their transformational efforts out from the world of projects and into the very life and ecosystem of the business.

Workforce engagement is a key part of Digital Transformation success and our unique online platform allows you to engage with your workforce, provide them with a voice and the visibility that will power your Digital Transformation forward.

Management Dashboard 

Ongoing Monitoring & Measurement

How do you monitor Digital Transformation across your whole organisation?  How do you effectively measure success?

Being able to provide a single view of all Digital Transformation activity across your organisation is vital to help management see and assess progress.  Being able to provide ongoing visibility of what's happening in terms of activity, progress and engagement becomes vitally important to keeping the priority focus on your Digital Transformation an agenda point at the top table.  That's exactly what our software platform for Digital Transformation allows you to do!

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