Digital Age Leadership is potentially the single most important success factor in any digital strategy or transformation. 

Moreover, it's leadership mindset we should be thinking about, not so much skill-set when it comes to Digital Leadership, or Modern Leadership.  Whether you are responsible for driving Digital Transformation within your organisation or whether you are a business leader who knows things have changed forever and you want to keep pace with this - Digital Leadership is vital for any business wanting to modernise and thrive in a digital world.  

At Adapt2Digital, we are passionate about Digital Leadership and understand that no two leaders are the same.  Experience, mindset, behaviour, expectation - these all accumulate into who you are today and how you lead today.  However, time and again, we see leaders who have not embraced the digital imperative and what it means to lead teams, businesses and themselves into an age of unprecedented change and connectivity. A digital leader is a modern leader.

How can we help you?

Digital Leadership MIndset Analysis - Where are you now

As an individual or team, our digital leadership mindset analysis tool allows you to identify your current modern leadership mindset. It identifies strengths and areas for improvement based upon the key principles of Modern Leadership. It is based on the Adapt2Digital Transformation Framework and provides a recommendations report to help to shape a personal or team leadership development plan.

Digital Leadership Development Programme Design

Once you know where you are currently in terms of digital leadership mindset and maturity, you need to ensure any development design marries this knowledge with the business strategy and goals. Developing modern leadership programmes also just taken into account one fundamental aspect of modern leadership: Be the change you want to see in others. So employing a traditional mindset to design a traditional programme that aims to shift mindsets into thinking and behaving differently just doesn't work. The Adapt2Digital team can help scope and design a modern leadership programme that suits your pace of change and business needs; that is also modern in it's design. E.g. a blend of digital and physical content, access and immersion to external experts and engaging with the community and start up ecosystem.

Delivery: Digital Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Facilitation

Delivery in terms of content and format is varied for all our digital leadership programmes. But all our programmes include (but not exclusively) the following key content areas and delivery formats:

Common content areas:

  • The digital imperative (macro view of digital and how it's changed business)

  • The digital future (future trends, digital disruption, forward and outward viewpoint)

  • The digital vision (visioning is a key part of the senior leadership teams role, this workshop is usually delivered in conjunction with other Digital Transformation services)

  • The digital strategy (business strategy versus digital strategy)

  • The digital leader (how business leaders deal with digital in their leadership approach)

  • The digital footprint (how business leaders can use digital to their advantage to gain voice and visibility).

  • Change in a digital world

  • Leading in a digital world

  • Transparent working

  • Followership

Common delivery formats:

  • Workshops

  • Expedition Events

  • Immersion Sessions

  • Live Streaming and webinars

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Peer to Peer Challenge

  • Active Learning Methods

  • Reverse Mentoring

  • Digital Platform collaboration & transparent working.

Here's what some of our past delegates and attendees have said:

"This was a really Excellent Course.  Really Intensive, but excellent." Senior Director, NHS

"Great knowledge, experience shared." Senior Manager, Construction

"I think I can really take what I've learnt today and apply it to my job tomorrow." Digital Director, UK Major Charity

"An informative and inspiring training day with lots to take forward." Technology Director Housing Association

"This has really made me rethink how to address change and digital transformation." DirectorUK Local Authority

"Lots of useful tools and methodologies to take back to the workplace to drive change and digital more effectively."  Project Manager, Manufacturing Software.


Start your journey towards effective Digital Leadership Today with your Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis Tool:

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Digital Leadership is the single most important aspect of successful Digital Transformation. It really should be called Digital Age Leadership in my opinion.
— Mel Ross