Our Digital Age Leadership Services

Supporting the Dilyn Way is our core product suite.

  • Digital Age Leadership Profiling Assessment

  • Digital Age Leadership Certification - Practitioner

  • Digital Age Leadership Certification - Professional

Digital Age Leadership Profiling Assessment

For individuals, executive teams & change cohorts

Our Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis Toolkit is a unique product that can really catapult a leadership team and change cohorts’ ability to face the digital opportunity head on, with competence, courage and capability. 

The tool can be used by individual digital leaders to assess and help them build their personal development pathway towards more effective digital age leadership. The tool is also used by leadership groups and wider leadership teams to provide both individual insight as well as cumulative insights into strengths, opportunities and development areas that all provide invaluable data to build build modern leadership development programmes.

Digital Age Leadership Certification

Establishing credibility as a leader in order to influence change is key. Effective credibility comes not from knowledge alone, but from a commitment to ‘being the change we want to see in others’. Most importantly, digital age leaders should be able to support people around them on their journey, through coaching, mentoring and role modelling change in themselves. To support the standardisation of a digital age leadership profile we have developed a certification pathway for professional and practitioner status. Our commitment to certification allows us to scale the awareness, understanding and application of the Dilyn Way and digital age leadership as a clearly defined profile.

Certification is available on three basic levels:

1 Certified Partner Organisations (CPO): Our partner organisations work closely with the team here at A2D, adapting and refining the Dilyn Way and associated products and services. All CPOs can provide certified practitioners for access and deployment of the Dilyn Way and associated products and services.

2 Certified Practitioner: Professional service providers supporting customer digital transformations from technology, data, change and capability are increasingly requested to support the leadership element of digital transformation. Certification at practitioner level ensures these professionals are competent in the Dilyn Way, Digital Age Leadership profiling, mentor coaching, design and facilitation.

3 Certified Professional: With digital transformation initiatives becoming main themes for most organisations today; change cohorts internally are grappling with the digital age leadership element of digital change and transformation. Certified professionals in the Dilyn Way are able to support their organisations by individually role modelling digital age leadership themselves, as well as profile, mentor, coach and support the competency uplift of digital age leadership within their organisations.

Training:  Digital Age Leadership & Digital Transformation

Trainers: Various

We provide a mixture of onsite and public One Day Courses in Digital Age Leadership as well as a series of Digital Age Leadership Workshops defined by subject area.

Digital Leadership One Day Course: This course is an intensive course for Leaders who are responsible for driving Digital Transformation & Change.  

Digital Leadership Workshops: Following a set number of subject areas, these workshops can be delivered to a small team of 3 - 10 as well as to larger teams of 50 - 150 (additional facilitators required based on number of attendees). Subject areas include:

  • The digital imperative (macro view of digital and how it's changed business)

  • The digital future (future trends, digital disruption, forward and outward viewpoint)

  • The digital vision (visioning is a key part of the senior leadership teams role, this workshop is usually delivered in conjunction with other Digital Transformation services)

  • The digital strategy (business strategy versus digital strategy)

  • The digital leader (how business leaders deal with digital in their leadership approach)

  • The digital footprint (how business leaders can use digital to their advantage to gain voice and visibility).