Our Digital Assessment Portfolio & Literacy Process ensures you begin your Digital Transformation journey from a clearly defined start point.

Nothing can move or adapt without people.

People who believe, people who are committed, people who are competent in digital and have an adaptive mindset. We know that people are the driving force of successful Digital Transformation - technology is the enabler.

Our Digital Assessment Portfolio consists of three online tools: Digital Leadership Assessment, Digital Workforce Assessment and Digital Literacy Process Design. The core elements to achieve adaptive business change across people.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Digital Leadership Assessment

What does it mean to be a digital leader? What is adaptive leadership?

Understanding the level digital leadership maturity across individuals and teams is a very important step to the start any successful Digital Transformation Journey.  Whether you have been assigned the digital leadership role in your organisation; are a member of the leadership team or a member of the board - it is imperative that you understand and commit to your role in a world that is increasingly digital and in constant flux.  You need to know how digitally adaptive you are.

  • Our Digital Leadership Assessment can be carried out as an individual assessment or as a group/team assessment 
  • A simple yet compelling online assessment
  • A blue print and development roadmap that is unique to you and your needs.
  • Adaptive Leadership Benchmarking

Digital skills

Digital Workforce Assessment

Workforce behaviours, workforce mindset and a clear understanding of digital capability form the basis of this assessment tool.

What are they thinking & doing?  In a digital world knowing and understanding what and why people do things is key to success. Engagement and Experience are the two elements that differentiate one business from another. Nowhere is this more important than across your workforce.

At every level of your business you need to know what your workforce maturity level is. And where possible how they think and feel about certain things.

This assessment is a comprehensive survey assessment that has been built on years of experience and helps you produce an accurate map of your complete workforce landscape in order to help engage them in your Digital Transformation and provide them with a superior brand experience.  

Digital literacy

Digital Literacy Process Design

"This is for everyone."  This famous quote from Sir Tim Berners-Lee is also a focal point for any digital leader. Bringing everyone on the journey and ensuring they have the capability and competency to do so.

In a business environment the challenge for managers and HR teams is to identify a level of digital literacy that matches overall business needs and an ever increasing digital world.  We help you identify a benchmark for digital literacy across your organisation that can be integrated into HR strategies and processes. 

  • Discover what your benchmark for digital literacy should be
  • Assess your workforce against this
  • Build development plans into your core HR strategies