Mel is a thought leader in Digital Change & Digital Leadership.  She led Disney Channel’s Marketing for Emerging Markets and was a representative on the Digital Strategy Team before taking on the role of CMO at a professional services company to drive their digital change and modernisation efforts. 

Mel has been mentoring and coaching Digital Leadership now for over 6 years and it's her passion.  Seeing people leave fear and uncertainty at the door, then enter a world of excitement and discovery all thanks to the digital age.

Currently, Mel is the founder of Adapt2Digital where her mission is to get rid of the junk surrounding digital and transformation and help people get started on a great journey. She provides digital advisory to Executive Teams and Boards as well as continuing her commitment to 1-2-1 mentoring to help build the digital leaders of the future.  Mel is also a regular speaker and contributor at conferences and events and always happy to enter into a debate about what the future had in store!

If you would like to know more about Digital Leadership or enquire about Digital Leadership mentoring then you can get in contact with Mel directly via mel.ross@adapt2digital.com.

The Team

The team at Adapt2Digital is quickly growing and we urge to you to keep check of this page to see our newbies as they arrive and place their mark on our work and help our customers gain the strongest foothold in a digital world.


Peter Murley - Advisor

Mel Ross - Director, Experience (Strategy, Product, Delivery)

Gary Ross - Director, Engagement (Commercial, Sales & Partnerships)

Ruth Fox - Principal Facilitator & Product Director

Jules Bevis - Associate

Nandini Banerjee - Content Director & Social Media Manager

Graham Scott-Taylor - Design Manager

Brilliant Assessments - Development Partner

Dina Aslanyan - Business Director

And of course, we are supported by our fantastic pool of associates that include experienced Digital Transformation experts, Service Design Specialists, Social Media & Community Management consultants, Change Specialists, Futurists, Coaches and Trainers.  

If you would like to be considered as part of the A2D delivery team contact Mel on mel.ross@adapt2digital.com and let's have a chat!