Stacey has been an international digital media specialist within the agency world for the past 11 years. She has successfully driven digital media strategy and leadership for some of the world’s largest and most influential brands including Nissan, General Electric, Absolut Vodka and most recently Apple across EMEA at Omnicom/Media Arts Lab.

In the early days of her career, Stacey was solely responsible for the creation and delivery of the offline and online media strategy for key UK regeneration projects including Locate in Kent and ‘Leeds Live it Love it’, increasing brand awareness, driving the tourism agenda and raising the profile of these areas to a B2B audience.

With a keen interest in entertainment, Stacey went on to become Deputy Head of Digital at AKA Promotions, a live entertainment agency in the heart of the West End whose aim is to drive footfall into theatres, museums and entertainment venues across the capital. She co-built the digital arm of the agency from a team of 3 to 25 in just 18 months, rebranded the division, revamped the digital offering and secured a number of new business accounts, educating existing clients on how to be successful in the digital space along the way.

Stacey devised and executed a digital first strategy to launch luxury car brand, Nissan Infiniti into Europe, the first auto brand at that time to adopt a digital only media strategy. And then as Senior Director on Apple, she led a team of 17 to deliver the most effective results ever seen by the company globally for iTunes, along with the highest engagement rates in the industry for Apple brand work.

Currently, Stacey is a founding partner and Director at Adapt2Digital. She is a regular contributor to the Adapt2Digital online space as well as contributing digital content to other public websites around the world. As an experienced digital professional, she is keen to help younger talent grow and improve their knowledge in an increasingly competitive industry.