Digital Age Leadership Certification

Digital age leadership certification

The heart of our model and approach is the Dilyn Way. Our leaders need to be core drivers of digital transformation and must have a clear and accurate understanding of their current leadership mindset, behaviour and decision-making drivers to help them do this.

The Dilyn Way supports a central theme around self-accountability. We know, through working in the field with our customers, that without our leaders ‘being the change’, there will always be a challenge with trust and belief.

The power of one person committing to becoming the change around them and role modelling the profile of a digital age leader is tangible - even more so, when they are accompanied by a first and second follower – igniting a movement of followership around them. This is when the leader truly becomes the catalyst for digital transformation around them. Where digital transformation is re-positioned from a series of projects or programmes to a movement of people.

To scale digital age leadership across our systems and organisations the following things need to occur:

1)     Our core leaders are supported along their journey as a digital age leader and in their ability to establish followership around them.

2)     The wider leadership community (leaders by profile as well as label) also begin to understand their profile strengths and development areas to create their own journey pathways (what we call Habit Cycles).

Digital Age Leadership Certification

To support the scale and standardisation of digital age leadership we have developed a certification pathway for the professional and the practitioner. Our commitment to certification allows us to scale awareness, understanding and application of the Dilyn Way and digital age leadership - thus supporting the acceleration of digital transformation wherever sufficient digital age leadership is evidenced.

Outcomes of becoming a certified digital age leader

  1. The competency of digital age leadership within one’s own leadership profile. Like a badge of professional digital age leadership.

  2. The confidence and capability to support others through their own journey of profiling & development.

As a certified digital age leader you will build the capability and confidence to deliver coaching and mentoring experiences to others using the Dilyn Way; as well as having the professional credibility as a practicing digital age leader.

This is much more than a standard digital leadership training course. Our digital age leadership training certification allows us to achieve this by transferring our knowledge, our learnings and sharing our mentoring and coaching experience for you to follow and support the same in others.

Some benefits of becoming a practitioner

  • Badge of professionalism as a digital age leader

  • Ability to mentor and coach others as a digital age leader practitioner

  • Capability in using the Dilyn Way profiling tool and Habit Cycle to support others on their journey

  • Access to the online global community of practice to share, gain insight, knowledge and networking from around the work specific to a common cause: effective leadership in a digital age.

  • The programme is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) certified to support your ongoing professional development.


Our practitioner programme is CPD certified to allow you to include this within your continuous professional development credits.

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