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Leadership profiling – Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital age leadership is the way we think, behave and act as a result of maturing technology, the influence of data and our shift in behaviour as a result.

To help support the development, and evidence the presence of, digital age leadership across both government and private enterprise, we need an effective way to help individual leaders and leadership teams understand their current leadership blueprint; their digital age leadership profile. Once a leaders current profile is understood, we can then support that leader through building on their strength areas and commit to addressing their development areas.

The Dilyn Profiling Tool

The Digital Age Leadership Mindset Assessment (The Dilyn Profiling Tool) is a unique tool that can catapult a leader, leadership team or change cohorts’ ability to leverage the digital opportunity head on, with competence, courage and capability.

The tools results are used to understand ones current profile and then helps create personalised development pathways that lead to more effective digital age leadership. The tool is also used by leadership groups and wider leadership teams to provide group insights that include strength opportunities as well as development areas to support modern leadership development programmes.

What kind of digital age leader are you?

The Digital Age Leadership Profile tool will not only allow you to understand your current digital age leadership profile; in confidence with one of our certified mentor coaches, but also take action around your strength and development areas. We call these area indicators. Once in possession of your key indicators, you can then transition them through a process called a habit canvas into your own unique personal development pathway for digital age leadership, called a habit plan. As your development areas becomes strengths your focus shifts from personal growth too followership around you. This is called the Habit Cycle.

The Dilyn Profiling tool is more an experience than a psychometric test. It comprises of three stages:

  1. First stage is the completion of your profile assessment. This experience typically takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes.

  2. Second stage is the scheduling of your own confidential digital leadership coaching session. This session will walk you through the concept of digital age leadership and explore your results.

  3. Third stage is the development and commitment to your own unique journey pathway as a digital age leader. Your coach supports you every step of the way from indicator to habit canvas to habit plan - creating your unique Habit Cycle and development pathway towards effective digital age leadership.

Then you are on your way!

The profiling tool explained


Modern Leadership is about mindset more than skill. Modern Leadership is an imperative for Digital Transformation to succeed. Having the right profile as a Modern Leader produces amazing results and can be the single biggest factor between success and failure when it comes to digitisation, transformation and change.


Over the last few years we have worked with leaders, from established C-Suite, new and emerging leaders to programme and project directors leading change and transformation. During this time we have slowly built up a view of what a Modern Leader look like in terms of profile. Our Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis Tool is the culmination of years of research, training and coaching leaders through change and modernisation.


A link will be automatically sent to you. From this link you will access the survey type you have purchased (individual, 360). Once you have submitted your results, which take approximately 20 minutes to complete, your results will be forwarded to one of our digital leadership coaches and transformation consultants. Within a couple of days you will then receive your own personalised Digital Leadership Mindset Analysis session with one of our coaches.

Benefits of using the profiling tool:

  • Gain an understanding of the 7 Principles of Modern Leadership

  • Receive insight into your current profile and maturity mapped to The Dilyn Way model

  • Receive insights and recommendations for your own personal development and effectiveness to build your Habit Cycle.

  • Access recommended further insights and reading to help you develop your own Modern Leadership

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