Digital Age Leadership Best Practice Framework

— The Dilyn Way - a best practice framework for defining and developing digital age leadership

Digital Age Leadership – best practice

Supporting and building the critical leadership capabilities required for the digital age should not be something every leader, designer, practitioner has to start from scratch to achieve. There are fundamentals common to every leader whether in private sector, public sector, not for profit, start up or education.

Many of us are dedicating time and energy trying to understand and explore how best to find and create leaders for the new world of work & government. We see this often, and engage with experts and practitioners on a daily basis trying to figure this out. And time and again we realise that whilst every leader and every organisation is unique, the common mindset and behaviours that fundamentally define good leaders in a digital age are the same.

Thankfully, this is all we do. For a number of years we have done nothing other than obsess with the idea of leadership in a digital age and have had the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of leaders across different sectors and countries in pursuit of what leadership in a digital age looks like and how to get there.

This obsession, this experience in design and delivery, this exposure and engagement with leaders over time, has helped us do the hard work so you can focus on shift and transformation. And we’re dedicated to continuing to do this, so that you can access the best practice in how your leaders should think, behave and act as we travel through this 4th industrial revolution.

The Dilyn WAY

The Dilyn Way is a best practice framework and model that helps you define your current digital age leadership profile supported by an approach that helps develop digital age leadership and align digital age leadership to digital transformation efforts.

The Dilyn Way can integrate with your existing frameworks or chosen methodologies. It can seamlessly fit into an existing set of principles. It can be used alone to help you design and deliver leadership coaching, mentoring and development programmes.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let us share with you what best practice looks like when it comes to leading in a digital age, together with best practice guidance for developing this within yourself or within your organisation.

What is the dilyn way?

The Dilyn Way provides you with a set of best practice values, principles and stages to help you uncover how fit for purpose your leadership is for a digital age. These values, principles and stages can help you design your own leadership framework, programmes and even help guide coaching interventions.

The Dilyn Way does more than simply help you define where you are and where you want to go. It also helps you get there, using a focussed approach to shifting leadership mindset and behaviours to those needed to lead in a digital age.

Fundamentals of leadership best practice for a digital age


The framework consists of a set of 4 values that break down into the 7 principles of leadership in a digital age against which we can identify where we are now and where we want to be using journey stages. Each element is adaptive. Our commitment and focus at Adapt2digital is to ensure the framework is constantly up to date providing you with a clear picture of what best practice looks like for leadership in a constantly changing and complex world.

the four values of leadership in a digital age:

principles of leadership in a digital age:

Copyright adapt2digital 2019

Copyright adapt2digital 2019


Designing and developing leadership support for a digital age can take on the form of a masterclass, a learning and development programme, a coaching or mentoring intervention or a peer to peer networking series. Whatever design or engagement preference you have, it’s important to include the following best practice elements.

  • A focus on self directed learning and experimentation

  • Small movements that shift mindset and behaviour

  • Include role model leadership as a key metric

The framework and approach can be measured and guided by the stages of leadership below:

journey of digital age leadership

Framework_Final (1).png

Journey stages guide development

The journey stages of leadership in a digital are unlike some convention maturity frameworks.

From awareness towards credible disruptor, these stages help guide the development of a leader.


When digital age leadership is in evidence the entire organisational system becomes more open and some of the key challenges of digital transformation start to decrease, sometimes even disappear; risk aversion, resistance to change, fixed mindset…

Ultimately, a focus on digital age leadership becomes the leadership required for the new world of work & government.

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