What does it mean to be Digitally Adaptive?

Let’s not be fooled.  Digital Transformation is the current buzzword amongst consulting products and services worth $2.65bn in 2012 alone.  But Digital Transformation is not new.  It’s been around for decades, thin client, launch of the App store, and launch of the iPhone then the iPad.  Every time a major technology development occurs that impacts the way we do things, it creates opportunity for consulting services to be sold.  Services to help businesses address that change. 

Today is different; today is unique.  There isn’t just one change happening, there are multiple things happening at the same time; Mobile, Cloud, Social, Big Data, Internet of Things.  Secondly, those changes are in constant flux and constantly evolving.  Big Data is accompanied by Fast Data, Internet of things is morphing into the Internet of Everything, what was social media is now evolving into social business. And the list goes on and on.

Businesses do not want help addressing one digital instance of change.  They want a way to be able to constantly monitor and adapt to changes relevant to them, when it’s relevant to them.  This is what we at Adapt2Digital call becoming digitally adaptive.  This is the most important business imperative to happen this side of the launch of the web 25 years ago.  

Humans are becoming more connected to and through machines.  Machines are becoming more connected with other machines.  The world is moving fast towards 100% connectedness.  The business impact of this increasing connectedness makes it vital for businesses to monitor change against their own capabilities and objectives to ensure survival.

It is an inconvenient truth - but a truth all the same. The question is, when will businesses stand up and take notice?