We're coming out and extending the hand of friendship!

Best Practice leadership for a digital age

  1. An adaptive profile that defines leadership in a digital age.

  2. A model that aligns leadership development with digital transformation.

  3. An approach to leadership development focussed on mindset and behavioural shifts as well as knowledge and action.

  4. A best practice framework that can accelerate your digital transformation efforts and help create internal and external environments where workers and customers are happy, and expectations met.

This is The Dilyn WayTM:- An adaptive framework that allows you to identify where your leadership profile currently sits in relation to the digital age and transformation. It then supports your shift towards unlocking the most effective leader you can be for a digital age. As an outcome, digital transformation efforts within your business and organisational environment start to accelerate over time. The culture starts to trust and believe in change because they can see the change first-hand within their leaders; so, they will follow:-

  • We’re coming out, because it’s time to share a best practice profile and approach for defining and developing leadership for a digital age. The Dilyn Way is the culmination of our work across the world for the last 7 years.

  • We’re coming out because we are seeing so many people struggle with knowing what leadership for a digital age looks like and how to support the development and evidence of this within their business or organisation.

  • We’re coming out because we want to help advise L&D practitioners, OD practitioners, Digital change agents and executive leaders design and develop their programmes, learning journeys and pathways.

We’re coming out and offering our learnings over the years to anyone who would like to know more or would like help designing and building their own digital age leadership programmes or journeys.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out what we’ve figured out delivering this, and only this for the last number of years.

In the spirit of transparency, collaboration and the sharing economy we are opening our doors to help and give advice to anyone who cares and understands that effective leadership in a digital age is the real catalyst for successful digital transformation.

One final thing. A huge thanks to the customers and people who have helped us develop The Dilyn Way as a best practice framework and approach for developing new leadership to help us drive forward and thrive in an age defined by data, technology, change and convergence.

If you are in the process of designing a digital leadership programme or wondering how to support your leaders through digital transformation? Please get in touch, reach out, share your story and we’ll share our learnings.


Mel Ross