Launch Down Under

— The Dilyn Way arrives Down Under!

Hi there! We’re really excited to be extending our services into New Zealand and Australia after a great year with some initial customers and partners.

Keeping you up to date

We will use this page to keep you up to date with our trip - in terms of timings, events and stuff like that.

If you are keen to organise a meeting you can schedule some time immediately by clicking on the button below to organise a time with one, or all of us on the trip. There will be 3 x A2D’ers spreading the word across New Zealand and Australia on this trip:

Annette Sweeney: Principal coach & mentor of the Dilyn Way, who is currently residing in New Zealand and loving it, following her time as advisory for the LDT APSC programme in Australia! Annette brings a wealth of experience as ex: CDO for the Department of Education, as well as being Head of the GDS Digital Academy UK.

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Gary Ross: Our commercial director who is Kiwi born and itching to spend some time in his motherland and hoping for a bit of down time on Auckland and Sydney harbour as a keen sailor!

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Mel Ross: Director, Experience a Welsh born brit who has fallen in love with everything Australian and New Zealand since A2D starting working there a year and a half ago…she’s also secretly looking forward to experiencing the craft beer scene on the trip, leaving the wine tasting to Annette to Gary!

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Schedule a meeting directly

Just click on the button below. Please remember our dates to ensure you book a time when were in your city!

Auckland 18 - 22nd March, 2019

Wellington 25 - 29th Marcy, 2019

Australia 1 - 5 April, 2019

You can click on your timezone when you are in the calendar to make booking easier.

We’ve scheduled 1 hour time slots for simplicity, so if you would like to book out more or less time, just contact Mona, our Manager, Customer Value. She’s super duper at organising and keeping everyone happy! Fill out our details and she’ll be straight in touch.

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