Our Digital Maturity Assessment, called a Digital Engagement Map™ (DEM) is an online product created by Adapt2Digital as part of the digitisation of services around Digital Business Transformation. A DEM is a situational analysis of your current business digital capability, competency and propensity for adaptiveness. It does not substitute but can support the following:

  • Guide the development of a digital business strategy
  • Build a plan around key tactics to become more adaptive to the changing world  
  • The development of a comprehensive and compelling business case to place urgency on change
  • General due diligence around your business's capacity for survival in a digital age

On completion of the DEM, you receive a comprehensive Outcome Report. The Report includes:

  • An overall digital maturity benchmark for your business and commentary for what that benchmark means
  • A benchmark level and set of recommendations 9 Pillars and the Audience Sub-Sections
  • A unique dashboard that allows you to prioritise and develop your Digital Transformation Roadmap.

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