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The Adapt2Digital Digital Engagement Map is a situational analysis of how digital your business is and helps you with your digital transformation efforts.

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Introducing the Digital Engagement Map™ 


The Digital Engagement Map™ (DEM) is the first online product created by Adapt2Digital as part of the digitisation of services around Digital Business Transformation. A DEM is a situational analysis of your current business digital capability, competency and propensity for adaptiveness. It does not substitute but can support the following:

  • Guide the development of a digital business strategy
  • Build a plan around key tactics to become more adaptive to the changing world  
  • The development of a comprehensive and compelling business case to place urgency on change
  • General due diligence around your business's capacity for survival in a digital age

On completion of the DEM, you receive a comprehensive Outcome Report. The Report includes:

  • An overall digital maturity benchmark for your business and commentary for what that benchmark means
  • A benchmark level, commentary section and recommendation section for the 9 Pillars and the Audience Sub-Sections
  • Accompanying information about the Adapt2Digital: Digital Framework & Methodology
ADAPT2DIGITAL 9 PILLARS OF BUSINESS.  Copyright © Adapt2Digital Ltd 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

ADAPT2DIGITAL 9 PILLARS OF BUSINESS. Copyright © Adapt2Digital Ltd 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

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The Adapt2Digital 5 Level Maturity Framework

Your DEM results are mapped and benchmarked against the Adapt2Digital: Digitally Adaptive Framework™. The framework has been built to accurately assign a level of digital maturity across the business as a whole, as well as each pillar individually. It allows for ongoing monitoring and measurement of digital change within your organisation and is used in conjunction with our methodology to guide your Digital Business Transformation.

Adapt2Digital: 5 levels of digital maturity.  COPYRIGHT © ADAPT2DIGITAL LTD 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Adapt2Digital: 5 levels of digital maturity. COPYRIGHT © ADAPT2DIGITAL LTD 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Why does your business need a Digital Engagement Map™?

  • All businesses need to understand how digital they are in order to best serve their customers who are increasingly digital
  • It is the first step for any business looking to understand how they can build a business case for Digital Business Transformation
  • Assists in identifying quick digital wins across the business to kick start Digital Business Transformation
  • Allows benchmarking of how you are progressing on your Digital Transformation journey
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How does it work? It's simple. There are 4 steps:

  1. Access the assessment online or via your mobile/tablet
  2. Work through the assessment and provide answers against our 9 Pillars of Business
  3. Information is scored and the business benchmarked against our digital maturity framework
  4. Receive an instant online report and downloadable PDF, containing your benchmark score, commentary against each pillar and instantly actionable recommendations

Who is it for?

Digital Transformation is an imperative for all businesses today. Our Digital Engagement Map™ is for all business leaders and C-Suite members who are responsible for driving the digital agenda in their organisations and need to understand their current digital position.

  • CEO - Gain valuable insight into the digital capability of your business
  • CFO - Understand the power of digital and what it can return for the business
  • CIO - Actionable recommendations on how to innovate whilst keeping costs down
  • COO - How to use digital to see increased value from your supply chain

I'm interested. What do I need to do?

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