Digital Age Leadership

—  Helping address the biggest business challenge of the digital age: LEADERSHIP

We are on a mission to address one of the biggest business challenges of the digital age - LEADERSHIP.

We spend our time helping leaders, change agents, employees and practitioners make better sense of technology and it's impact on business, change and modernisation.

The key is to think about successful change in modern times as something for everyone - a bit like the web! Practitioner led change projects and digital transformation programmes are increasingly challenging and narrow in scope. A different view of leading change in a modern digital era is needed. Driving digital transformation from the top through role model leadership.


How do we do this?

Over the last few years we’ve been working with leaders and change agents experimenting and developing a profile for a leader in a digital age. Together with this we’ve worked with hundreds of leaders, helping them create realistic and effective self directed development pathways based on their profile.

Things together: profiling, development & role modelling change describe our approach and model for digital age leadership - The Dilyn Way.

The Dilyn Way

The Dilyn Way is an adaptive and emergent approach to profiling and developing leadership for a digital age. It is based on a profile defined across 7 principles and a journey that spans 7 stages.


The Dilyn Way is based on a set of 4 values which together ground the 7 principles and stages:

  • People First : Digital Always

  • Open by Default

  • Data Mindfulness

  • Being Tech Ahead

Certification in The Dilyn Way

We want to spread the word of The Dilyn Way as far and wide as possible. To do that we have launched in 2019 our Practitioner Certification.

Whether you are a leader wanting to drive change across your organisation or a change agent knowing we need to approach change and transformation at the very core - becoming a certified practitioner in The Dilyn Way allows you to ‘be the change’ and build followership around you, it also more importantly gives you access to the tools of The Dilyn Way

The Dilyn Profiling Tool

An immersive experience that starts with an online self assessment and culminates in a confidential debrief session with a certified coach/mentor in The Dilyn way.

The Dilyn Habit Cycle

A self directed pathway for building on strengths and effectively addressing development areas. Focussing on habits and experimental practice, the Dilyn Habit Cycle becomes a part of who you are as a digital age leader and supports life long learning.