Digital Transformation

Leadership - your digital transformation accelerator!

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Have you ever been in a conversation about digital transformation that has been clear about the opportunity but even clearer on the main barriers to realising that opportunity being the way your leader(s) think and behave?

So often during our work in support of leaders on their journey towards digital age leadership is the frustration around lack of sponsorship, engagement, progress, momentum and acceptance of digital transformation that comes from above not just in the challenge of cultural resistance to change. That’s where we come in…

What we offer

Our accelerated digital transformation service bridges the gap between digital transformation and leadership. Bringing these two things together to create a unified force for good that is clear on purpose and follows a common set of values and principles that are shared by all. We deliver across government, private sector, not for profit and education. We also support start up organisations with a focus on social good and local community engagement.

How we help accelerate digital transformation

We do this through our three-step acceleration process: Assess, Activate, Amplify:


Dilyn Profiling Tool

The importance of starting your journey from a place of knowing. Awareness and understanding of individual and group development and strength based areas.

Assess (1).png

Habit Cycle

Build your lifelong learning journey. Once we are aware and understand our strength and development areas, it is important to place them in context of any digital transformation (intent) within the system. Then we break them down into small moments of shift. We commit to these moments of shift as the backbone of our self directed and life long learning journeys.

Assess (2).png


How the Dilyn Way comes to life. As our small moments of shift become new behavioural norms; as our small experimental moments build confidence and opportunity - others begin to take notice, to trust and believe. They start to try for themselves, they start to follow. The amplification of our thoughts, behaviours and actions as leaders creates a movement of people that drives true digital transformation.

Benefits of deploying the programme

  • Leadership confidence, competence and capability increases

  • Increased ideas are shared to support your system’s ability to innovate

  • Change management is supported and becomes more effective as a result of active leadership that drives followership

  • The ability to measure the impact of digital age leadership on digital transformation builds evidence to drive scale

  • Future proofing the leaders of tomorrow