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Organisation Transformation Assessment

Which stage of transformation is your business in?



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Our Unique Organisational Transformation Assessment indicates how digital & adaptive your business is.

Every business should understand what stage of transformation they are in. Over the years we have realised there are 5 stages of transformation between operating as a 20th century business serving a 21st century customer and worker, and operating as a 21st century ecosystem serving everyone involved in your world.  These 5 stages form the basis of the Adapt2Digital Framework and Methodology.

Our Organisational Transformation Assessment, (called a DEM), is a unique online product created by Adapt2Digital as part of the services we offer around Digital Business Transformation. A DEM is a situational analysis of your current business digital capability, competency and propensity for adaptiveness. Ideally carried out as a facilitated session with key stakeholders from around the business present, our tool will tell you what stage of transformation your business currently fits into and how to move to the next stage.

The tool also provides a list of priorities and recommendations that do not substitute but can support the following:

  • Guide the development of a digital business strategy
  • Build a plan around key tactics to become more adaptive to the changing world  
  • Help develop a comprehensive and compelling business case to place urgency for change
  • Guide general due diligence around your business's capacity for survival in a digital age

These priorities and recommendations are focussed on the following areas of your business, what we call Pillars.

ADAPT2DIGITAL 9 PILLARS OF BUSINESS.  Copyright © Adapt2Digital Ltd 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

ADAPT2DIGITAL 9 PILLARS OF BUSINESS. Copyright © Adapt2Digital Ltd 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

The Adapt2Digital 5 Level Transformation Framework

All our products and services are mapped and benchmarked against the Adapt2Digital Transformation Framework™. The Framework to provide a consistent and focussed journey for Digital Business Transformation across all areas of digital, change and leadership. 

Adapt2Digital: 5 levels of digital maturity.  COPYRIGHT © ADAPT2DIGITAL LTD 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Adapt2Digital: 5 levels of digital maturity. COPYRIGHT © ADAPT2DIGITAL LTD 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Who is the transformation assessement for?

Digital Business Transformation is an imperative for all businesses today. Our Digital Engagement Map™ can be used by any business regardless of industry sector, regardless of size.  If you are thinking of or have recently started your journey of Digital Transformation then this is definitely a tool and exercise you should consider investing in.  Specific outputs and use cases:

  • CEO - Gain valuable insight into the digital capability of your business
  • CFO - Understand the power of digital and what it can return for the business
  • CIO - Actionable recommendations on how to innovate whilst keeping costs down
  • COO - How to use digital to see increased value from your supply chain.