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Join the transformation movement today!

Join the transformation movement today!

Global Research Campaign Launched 

We are delighted to launch our new research campaign for 2016. Following years of development we are providing a free version of our Organisation Transformation Assessment Tool to businesses of any sector and any size.

We want to map which stage of transformation global businesses have reached. They may be stuck in the 20th century, or forging forward in the 21st century, or sitting somewhere in between, when it comes to business models and leadership approaches. 

For your chance to take part in this fantastic research project, simply fill out your details then share away with colleagues and peers. This is your journey, this is our journey. Let’s change the world!

We want to help businesses everywhere to adopt 21st century ways of working, strategies, structures, processes, business models and leadership approaches.  Come on and join us!

Why take part?

Every business that joins our global transformation campaign will receive a free assessment report. This will detail your organisation’s current stage of transformation and will provide you with information that could guide you up to the next level of transformation.


As we gather data across business sector, size and location, we will start to share some of this information with your business and your business leadership team, so that you can gain more insight into your own transformation journey.

If you would like to become more involved in this exciting piece of research, just send your details through and we would be delighted to have a chat.  We are looking for passionate, action orientated, data obsessed people to help, join and shape the future of business transformation across the world.

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Let us know who you think you can add support or make a difference to the campaign. We'd love to hear from you.